Three Canadian Cities Among World’s Most Livable Cities

The Economist’s Intelligence Unit released the Global Livability Report, which rated 140 cities based on the quality of life across five categories: healthcare, stability, culture and environment, infrastructure, and education.

Royal Bank of Canada Announces 2016 “Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards”

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Canadian Immigrant Magazine announced the 2016 winners of the “Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.” There were several ceremonies held in Vancouver and Toronto in June 2016, to celebrate the winners. Canadians have had the chance to nominate those who immigrate to Canada and made a positive impact on the country.

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Ukrainian Heritage Celebrated By Immigrants to Canada

The Canadian province of Alberta recently launched “The Year of the Ukrainian-Canadian,” celebrating 125 years of Ukrainian immigration to Canada. Located around 50 kilometers east of Edmonton, the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village held celebrations with traditional folk dancers from Ukraine while enjoying ethnic Ukrainian foods.

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Three of the Top Five Most Livable Cities Are in Canada

A livability report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed 140 cities and Canada had three cities ranked in the top five. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary were ranked third, fourth, and fifth as the most “livable” cities. The cities were rated from “acceptable” to “intolerable,” and a score was given between 1 and 100.

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People Who Live in Canada More Likely to Enjoy the “American Dream”

Are you looking to live the “American Dream”? For many years, the United States has promised many opportunities, offering “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” They have drawn immigrants on the promise of receiving a more excellent education, having a high-paying job, owning a home, beginning a business, and many other freedoms.

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High Demand for Tech Workers Cause of Increased Salaries in British Columbia

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A scarcity of high-tech workers in British Columbia is causing wages to skyrocket in booming technology businesses. This province in Canada has always been known for companies with employees related to oil, gas, forestry, and mining, but today, the high-tech field has surpassed all of those combined.

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More People Who Live in Canada Have Immigrant Roots

Statistics Canada, a government agency, projects that by 2036, between 44.2% and 49.9% of Canadians could be an immigrant or a second generation immigrant. The anti-immigrant bias in Europe and the United States has not affected the welcoming and growing numbers of newcomers to Canada. The multicultural provinces have opened their arms to the many … Read more

Canada Ranked World’s #1 Country for Quality of Life in 2017

Canada claimed the title of first in the world for quality of life in March 2017. Nearly 20,000 educated elites, business executives, and mainstream residents from 80 countries around the world took a survey to choose the ranking of several countries. The survey consisted of nine primary categories and each category was broken down into … Read more