Salaries Keep Going Up for People Working in Canada

While shopping at the Fredericton mall, Hannah McLeod saw a sign at Journeys saying they were hiring. McLeod didn’t think she would earn enough to make up for what she was receiving at her job at the potato-processing plant. She had no real experience in retail, but after her interview, she was offered the assistant manager’s position and would receive higher pay. 

Businesses are doing their best to make jobs in Canada more attractive to potential employees. Labor shortages are increasing throughout the country across the board, especially in low-paying jobs. Employers across Canada are adding signing bonuses to lure workers. There are plenty of job opportunities available in Canada. This is the time to consider contacting BecomeACanadian and walk through the stages of immigration.

McDonald’s is giving new workers a $200 signing bonus and many other companies are offering bonuses in their Canadian job postings. A McGill University labor economist said although the high demand for jobs in Canada isn’t clear, it has been a good change for workers. With the many productive jobs available, wages must increase to fill positions. Canadian employment numbers are not far off from two years ago. 

In November 2019, the unemployment rate sat at 5.9 percent and today it is at six percent. Retirements, fewer young people, and demographic changes may be part of the problem, but looking long-term, the labor market may stay tight. All shortage-induced pay increases are reason to celebrate for employees. Canada is a beautiful land of opportunity. If you have questions about the immigration process, contact BecomeACanadian.