Immigrant Living in Canada Starts a Sweet Business

Freeze N Dried, a household name in Calgary, was established by a 24-year-old Ukrainian immigrant entrepreneur. The local startup sells freeze-dried fruit and candy. 

The co-founder, Viktor Pavlyshyn, speaks about how the business got started earlier this year. Become A Canadian reports that Freeze N Dried is Pavlyshyn’s second venture. 

Pavlyshyn, who is a former financial analyst, started his first business, a dog treat company, last year. The company is called Major Zoo.

Pavlyshyn says Freeze N Dried, which is the second business, came up as an idea when he began considering freeze-drying dog treats. He finally opted for making freeze-dried treats for humans instead of dogs.

The two ventures remain separate entities, reports Become A Canadian, but many of the staff work for both businesses.

One of the staff of Freeze N Dried is Ostap Khudych. The 16-year-old boy is working a summer job at the company this year. 

Instead of babysitting or scooping ice cream, Khudych is on the ground floor of Freeze N Dried, selling freeze-dried fruit and candy.

The teenager is happy with how his job at the food company is helping. Due to his daily reading and writing tasks at his job, he has been able to sharpen his English skills. Become A Canadian further reports that the job has enabled him to communicate better with his peers.

With Khidych’s experience, Pavlyshyn is hopeful that young staff working at his company will learn English. At the same time, he hopes they are exposed to different career paths while on the job.