Guide to Help Immigrants Rent or Buy a Home in Canada

Become A Canadian could confirm most immigrants find it challenging to navigate through the Canadian real estate market when they get to Canada. 

Interacting with some new immigrants will help you understand their Canadian real estate experience and how they navigated it.

As a result of the possible challenges attributed to the Canadian real estate market, Become A Canadian has provided a detailed list of the different types of properties you can rent or buy in Canada.

A perfect understanding of this will guide and help immigrants, both new and old, to navigate the Canadian real estate market.

Five common types of housing properties for immigrants

1. Apartment: Become A Canadian describes an apartment as a house that has a rented living space within a larger building. Immigrants who are interested in renting a living space should consider an apartment. This type of housing is similar to condos but requires a monthly lease agreement and can’t be purchased outright.

2. Detached House: A detached house is a single-family home that stands alone. It resides on its property, separated from other homes by open space. This type of housing can either be for rent or outright purchase.

3. Semi-detached house: Become A Canadian describes a semi-detached house as a house that shares one common wall with another home. However, this type of housing is not attached to any other structure.

4. Condominium: Condos are units owned individually within a larger building or complex. While owners have exclusive rights to their units, they share common areas such as hallways and building amenities.

5. Townhouse: This is a multi-level home, usually in a complex that shares one or more walls with adjacent homes.