Worldwide Survey Ranks Canada #3 for Quality of Life

Countries of the world are ranked yearly based on different factors such as economic prowess, military, quality of life, and job opportunities. 

Become A Canadian could establish that U.S. News, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the communications company WPP, recently released the 2023 ranking of the best countries in the world.

Canada was ranked the second-best country in the world, with only Switzerland ahead. Canada moved up on the list due to its performance in agility, surpassing Germany.

Become A Canadian could also confirm that Canada has secured positions in the top five in three additional sub-rankings. Canada ranks third under the quality of life sub-ranking and ranks first in various attributes such as racial equity.

Become A Canadian summarizes the ranking of the first five countries

Switzerland continues to hold its position as the best country in the world. Become A Canadian says this is the second consecutive year and the sixth time overall that the country will rank first on the list.

Canada followed Switzerland to claim the second spot, with Sweden coming third on the list. Sweden made an impressive leap of two positions from its previous No. 5 ranking in 2022.

Australia secured the fourth spot, marking a significant improvement of three positions compared to its ranking in 2022.

The United States of America holds the fifth position, representing a slight drop compared to its 2022 ranking. However, the U.S. ranked in the top spot in three sub-rankings, including power, agility, and entrepreneurship.