Work-Life Balance Important to Young Canadians

The new generation of workers values work-life balance. According to Become A Canadian, workers born between 1997 and 2006 are the newest workers entering the labor market.

It has been established that this generation of working Canadians has a long list of values and living needs that most urban Canadian cities need to meet.

Become A Canadian could confirm that these Gen Z workers prioritize the cost of living, a work-life balance, and mental health access over many other things that most Canadian big cities offer.

Some perks which the previous generation of workers would see as nice-to-haves are absolute must-haves for Gen Z workers.

“From financial security and autonomy to easier access to mental health services, Gen Z young adults know what they want and are much less afraid to ask for it than any of the previous generations.”

Things Gen Z workers find more appealing

  1. Cities with lower populations: According to the report by Point2, Gen Z workers prefer to live in cities with a population under 500,000. Therefore, most young adults prefer to migrate away from urban centres with larger populations.

  2. Access to mental health facilities: Gen Z workers prioritize mental health. Hence, they prefer to work in organizations and regions with easy mental health access. 

  3. Ability to buy a home: Gen Z wants to work in regions where they can easily buy a home. Therefore, they choose relatively inexpensive cities so that they can easily fulfil their homeownership dreams.