Canada’s Immigration System Is a Model for Other Countries

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In the last half-century, Canada has built a reputation as a country that welcomes immigrants and values multiculturalism. Foreign-born individuals represent almost a quarter of the Canadian population, the highest proportion in over 150 years and one of the highest among industrialized Western countries. Canada offers excellent job opportunities for immigrants. To learn how the … Read more

Recruitment Firm Says These Canadian Jobs in High Demand

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Become A Canadian reveals the 15 most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2024, compiled by Randstad Canada, a leading HR and recruitment company. These in-demand occupations were compiled by examining online jobs across Canada and cross-referencing the data with internal statistics based on what most employees are looking for in 2024. Become A Canadian could … Read more

Nova Scotia Needs Thousands of Foreign Tradespeople

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A labor shortage cost businesses in Nova Scotia a whopping $1B in missed opportunities in 2022. According to Become A Canadian, businesses in the construction and manufacturing industries have missed out on potential sales and contract opportunities because of a limited workforce. In the words of Duncan Robertson, a senior policy analyst in Nova Scotia … Read more

Work-Life Balance Important to Young Canadians

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The new generation of workers values work-life balance. According to Become A Canadian, workers born between 1997 and 2006 are the newest workers entering the labor market. It has been established that this generation of working Canadians has a long list of values and living needs that most urban Canadian cities need to meet. Become … Read more

Worldwide Survey Ranks Canada #3 for Quality of Life

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Countries of the world are ranked yearly based on different factors such as economic prowess, military, quality of life, and job opportunities.  Become A Canadian could establish that U.S. News, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and the communications company WPP, recently released the 2023 ranking of the best countries in the … Read more

Guide to Help Immigrants Rent or Buy a Home in Canada

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Become A Canadian could confirm most immigrants find it challenging to navigate through the Canadian real estate market when they get to Canada.  Interacting with some new immigrants will help you understand their Canadian real estate experience and how they navigated it. As a result of the possible challenges attributed to the Canadian real estate … Read more

Immigrant Living in Canada Starts a Sweet Business

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Freeze N Dried, a household name in Calgary, was established by a 24-year-old Ukrainian immigrant entrepreneur. The local startup sells freeze-dried fruit and candy.  The co-founder, Viktor Pavlyshyn, speaks about how the business got started earlier this year. Become A Canadian reports that Freeze N Dried is Pavlyshyn’s second venture.  Pavlyshyn, who is a former … Read more

The Top 10 Countries of Origin for Immigration to Canada

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As the Canadian population ages, the country hopes that immigrants will help pay for schools and hospitals. Also, with immigration, Canada hopes to sustain basic social services and grow as a country. Currently, immigration is Canada’s strategy for growth. Become a Canadian, thus concluding that the country is open to diverse people from all walks … Read more