Experience French-Canadian Culture in Montreal

Regardless of what attracts you to Montreal, be prepared for lively nights to be part of your experience. It could be said that the only thing this city does as well as its food is nightlife, with bars and clubs boasting some of the best atmospheres and drinks.

The French-Canadian culture of Montreal is something worth admiring. If you want to have an unparalleled experience in your life, get in touch with Become A Canadian; their guidance will be crucial for your relocation.

Things to See and Do

Old Montreal

Start in the historic center dating back to the 17th century, where narrow streets lead to a series of docks surrounded by parks along the Saint Lawrence River. Explore the numerous boutiques and galleries, then visit the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.

Become A Canadian Montreal things to see

Pointe-à-Callière Museum

Get an overview of the city’s foundations through the archaeological exhibits of this eclectic museum in Old Montreal. It narrates about 4,500 years of history in the area, from the early hunter-gatherers to the 17th-century Catholic settlers.

Jean-Talon Market

Food-obsessed Montrealers flock to this market in the city’s northwest to stock up.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Showcases everything from Napoleonic pieces in gilded frames to large-scale works by Antony Gormley and Inuit carvings. In summer, the outdoor sculpture garden featuring 22 public artworks from around the world is especially appealing.

Habitat 67

Join a 90-minute guided tour of this labyrinth of suspended terraces and pedestrian walkways along the Saint Lawrence River to learn about its design and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Mount Royal Park

In summer, locals gather for picnics, boat rides on the lake, or hikes up to the park’s 2.5-meter peak. Don’t miss the immense dome of the Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Canada’s largest church, whose profile resembles that of Paris’ Sacré-Cœur.

McGill University

With heritage buildings and lush greenery, the downtown academic institution grounds, one of the best in Canada, are well worth a stroll.

Plateau and Mile End

Of all Montreal neighborhoods, this northern duo is particularly vibrant. The artistic Plateau features colorful Victorian buildings, independent shops, and leafy garden-lined streets. Mile End, on the other hand, blends 19th-century buildings with vintage shops and retro bakeries.

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