Immigrant Living in Canada Starts a Sweet Business

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Freeze N Dried, a household name in Calgary, was established by a 24-year-old Ukrainian immigrant entrepreneur. The local startup sells freeze-dried fruit and candy.  The co-founder, Viktor Pavlyshyn, speaks about how the business got started earlier this year. Become A Canadian reports that Freeze N Dried is Pavlyshyn’s second venture.  Pavlyshyn, who is a former … Read more

There Are 8.3 Million Immigrants Living in Canada

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Throughout history, millions of people from all across the globe have continued to choose Canada as their new home. From reports, Canada has since ages been open to immigration. Therefore, it is not surprising to hear that 8.3 million immigrants currently live in Canada.  The report in 2021 stated that 8.3 million people, which is … Read more