Skilled Foreign Workers Needed for Tech Jobs in Canada

History has shown the tech field in Canada has struggled to hire and retain the workers needed to grow their businesses. The close proximity to the U.S. with its successful tech scene, and the large, foreign tech companies who are expanding to Canadian soil, have caused challenges for homegrown firms to compete for skilled domestic talent. You can join the 300,000 foreign nationals who relocate to Canada every year. BecomeACanadian helps people like you achieve your dream of living and working in Canada. Even increasing the number of graduating engineers and keeping them in Canada would not meet the vast need. Canada is in desperate need of experienced, senior-level workers, which is a missing piece in the Canadian tech sector. To help combat the issue, the federal government launched the Global Skills Strategy to increase the high-skilled tech talent pool.

The strategy was started as a pilot for two years and would allow fast-growing companies to gain faster access to skilled foreign workers. Before the strategy took effect, it took over a year for Ottawa to issue visas to the highly-skilled workers. The new plan now has a 14-day turnaround for issuing visas. Due to the new program, the companies have received over 800 applications for the nearly 900 open positions. Hiring the skilled foreign workers will not remove jobs from Canadians. It actually helps the companies grow which creates new jobs to employ even more Canadian citizens. If you are considering living and working in Canada, contact BecomeACanadian for help in receiving your permanent residency Visa to Canada.