Canadian Job Fair Helps Immigrants Find Employment

Moncton, New Brunswick holds a job fair to help immigrants with one major challenge when moving to a new country which is building networks. Angelique Reddy-Kalala, an immigration strategy officer for the city, explains, “When you’re born here, oftentimes you have very well-ingrained networks in the community. But if you’re moving to whole new countries, you need to rebuild networks.” BecomeACanadian has a mission to help immigrants relocate to Canada for work and a new life. Contact them for answers to any questions.

Roland and Charity Okposio, and Promise and Chizo Oghor have been friends for several years while living in Nigeria. Both couples relocated to Canada a few weeks ago and made searching for a job a family outing. They heard wonderful things about the friendly people in the community and the many job opportunities. The four, out of 200 other immigrants and international students attended the  Moncton job fair, which is tailored to the hospitality sector and tourism. Okposio said his family is experiencing a smooth transition in Canadian life but is having to learn new ways of doing things as a professional.

The key, according to Okposio, is to put his resume together to match the standard in Canada and to market himself. Moncton holds the job-specific fair every three months. In the two and a half years of hosting the fair, 200 newcomers have found jobs as a result of attending. The city draws on the 140 companies in the region to participate and offer jobs. BecomeACandian will assist you with every step of the immigration process.