Immigration is Canada’s Main Source of Growth

In the year 2034, Canada’s growth will be entirely due to immigration. The number of retirees exiting the workforce will exceed the number of births in the country. BecomeACanadian expert says, “There are several good reasons to move to Canada, which can be summarized by one word – opportunity!” Immigrants to Canada have access to various opportunities that the rest of the world only wishes they had. If immigration were not allowed in Canada, the labor force and economic growth would see a major decline. It is estimated the economic growth would slow to slightly over one percent annually.

BecomeACanadian has a goal to assist more families so they can have the high standard of living available in Canada. Their immigration experts are committed to helping immigrants achieve the dream of living and working in Canada. The nation welcomes more than 300,000 immigrants yearly. Over one million immigrants are forecasted to move to Canada by 2020. Without immigration, the population in Canada would have 26.9 percent of residents over 65 years of age. Immigration accounts for over 70 percent of the population growth and has accounted for over 90 percent of the workforce growth in past years. Contact BecomeACanadian for all of your questions concerning immigration to Canada.

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Overview of Immigration to Canada in 2019

The stream of young workers coming to Canada through immigration plays an essential role in the Canadian economy. As the labor force ages and the fertility rate is low, at close to only 1.5 births per woman, immigrants are becoming increasingly vital. The residents of Canada hold a favorable view of immigration and the immigration … Read more Overview of Immigration to Canada in 2019

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Canadian Visa Criteria

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