25,000 Syrian Refugees Immigrate to Canada

Immigration Minister John McCallum told the press, “This is a terrific day for us.” He was speaking of over 25,000 Syrian refugees that had arrived in Canada. McCallum asked all Canadians to welcome the newcomers with “open arms” and assist them in finding jobs, homes, and adapting to their new lives. In February, the last of the 25,000 Syrians arrived, which at times seemed like it couldn’t be done. The newly elected Liberal Canadian government pushed the deadlines from the end of the year to the end of February. The refugee applications were coming in at a rapid pace. To enjoy your life in such a welcoming nation, contact BecomeACanadian for information on Canadian immigration. They will walk you through the needed process to make life in Canada a reality.

The settling of the Syrian refugees will have a bill of about $700 million, which is under budget, according to McCallum. Over half of the 25,000 refugees who have arrived are sponsored by the government, and all cost associated with them are covered by the government. The other half is supported by private groups or a mix of private and government sponsored. BecomeACanadian works with a team of experts who will evaluate the best option for permanent residency in Canada.

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Canadian Visa Criteria

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