Where to Live Is Key Factor When Seeking Jobs in Canada

Location-based career decisions are becoming common in the Canadian red-hot housing market. A survey of 1,500 Canadians and people living in the U.S. who had turned down a job or was hired last year showed location took top place as the leading factor when deciding on job offers. There are job opportunities for you and your family to enjoy the high standards of living in Canada. BecomeACanadian will walk you through the steps of immigrating to Canada.

Ceridian, a Human Resources software company funded a survey which found 68 percent of participants said the job location influenced them. It was slightly higher than the 66 percent who said salary is what constitutes their decision, as well as 66 percent who said it was the work-life balance. Growth opportunities only made up 57 percent of the response. Ceridian’s chief people and culture officer, Lisa Sterling, says the real estate market costs have a definite impact on employee’s job decisions, which in turn is posing a challenge for businesses who want to recruit and retain top talent in the tight labor market. “The war for talent is becoming more profound in technology as more and more companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Pinterest are opening up offices and creating the Silicon Valley of Canada right in Toronto,” she said. It is having implications for us because everyone is trying to hire the same people. If you are considering relocating to Canada, BecomeACanadian will help you with the visa process.