Train Trips to See the Beautiful Canadian Outdoors

One of the best ways to experience Canada and its beauty as a new immigrant to the country is by going on train trips. This ride could be a multi-day adventure to distant places or a small getaway to nearby destinations. 

According to Become a Canadian, train trips allow you to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Canada. At the same time, you will experience a highly comfortable, relaxing, and stress-free ride across the country.

Canadian Train Lines for Train Tours

Many people think about VIA Rail when it comes to train rides in Canada. But there are other train companies which offer excellent services across the country. An example is Tshiuetin Rail Transportation, an indigenous-owned and operated train line. This train line’s tracks cover about 132 miles, passing through Emeril (Newfoundland and Labrador) and the Town of Schefferville in Quebec.

You can also take a multi-day train adventure from Winnipeg to Churchill via Adventure Route. On this ride, you travel from one end of Manitoba to the other while enjoying the Great White North of Canada. Become a Canadian stated that this trip would enable you to experience shining lakes, large tundra, blooming prairie landscapes, boreal forests and untouched wilderness.

If you want to enjoy a unique tourism experience, the ride with Train de Charlevoix to Quebec City and various coastal towns and villages is a perfect option. This trip runs from June to October annually.

Explore the Beauty of Canada with Train Trips

Whether you’re on vacation to Canada or a permanent resident, going for train rides across the country is an adventure you shouldn’t miss for anything. These scenic trips will not just serve as a relaxing activity for you, but will help you view Canada in a new light.

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