Population of Canada Rising Rapidly Due to Immigration

In recent times, the population of Canada has grown at the highest rate, almost reaching the height of the baby boom. According to Become a Canadian, a large percentage of the population growth is due to immigration.

In the second quarter of 2022, the number of Canadian residents was reported to grow by 0.7%. In other words, the population increased by 284,982 to 38.9 million. This record by Statistics Canada is said to be the highest pace for quarterly population growth since 1957 and ultimately denotes an increase of about 3,100 people daily.

Immigration to Large Cities in Canada

According to reports, about 90% of newcomers are settling in urban centres of Canada. As a result, the proportion of people living in urban centres of Canada has increased from 73.2% to 73.7% in the past five years.

Become a Canadian stated that Canada’s urbanization continues to increase. The growth results from the benefits urban centres gain from new arrivals to the country. Generally, downtowns and suburbs of large cities are seeing the most growth in population. The growth in population is, in no small measure, contributing to Canada’s growth and development as skilled immigrants keep entering the country.

Result of the Increased Population Growth in Canada

As a result of the rapid population increase in Canada, the need for infrastructure and transportation is on the rise. Also, services of all kinds, such as front-line emergency services, are even more essential. With the tremendous effort of the Canadian government, there is greater provision for new immigrants.

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