People Who Live in Canada More Likely to Enjoy the “American Dream”

Are you looking to live the “American Dream”? For many years, the United States has promised many opportunities, offering “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” They have drawn immigrants on the promise of receiving a more excellent education, having a high-paying job, owning a home, beginning a business, and many other freedoms.

canada-flag-3d-rendering-on-blue-sky-building-background_1379-1255In the meantime, Canada has been rated with higher standards of freedom compared to its southern neighbor. Only 46% of Americans earn a college degree while 59% of Canadians do so. Sixty-three percent% of U.S. residents own a home compared to 68% of those who reside in Canada.

Canadians have a longer average life expectancy, 81.2 years, than those living in the United States, which averages 78.7 years. To receive help meeting the requirements to immigrate to Canada, contact BecomeACanadian today for more information. Canadians have been proven to enjoy a higher standard of living than those in the United States.

Regardless of their background, immigrants who are willing to work hard will find that Canada is a country that will welcome them.

Over 300,000 individuals immigrate to Canada annually and the goal of BecomeACanadian is to help you enjoy this same opportunity.