Man Helped 300 Syrian Refugees Immigrate to Canada 

One man has made a difference in the lives of 300 Syrian refugees immigrating to Canada. Jim Estill has sponsored 89 Syrian families, fleeing the civil war in their home country. Ahmad Abed, a Syrian who was sponsored by Estell, now lives in Guelph, and says, “Thanks to Mr. Estill, and the sponsorship program, Guelph is my new home.” His wife has opened a store in downtown Guelph, which is located west of Toronto. To start a new life in a welcoming country, contact Become A Canadian. The team of experts will walk you through the steps of immigration. 

Estill owns and operates a home appliance firm, Danby. He has employed 28 refugees at his company and provided the financial guarantees to enable others to start shops and launch business ventures. Mr. Estill began by spending $1.5 million of his own funds to bring Syrian refugees to Guelph, Ontario, from the Middle East. Become A Canadian has a goal to help everyone who wants to relocate to Canada to receive the required visa. They will answer any questions you have about the process.