Increase in Canadian Immigration Needed to Support Economic Growth

People 65 years old and over make up 16 percent of the total population of Canada. This number is on the rise according to a report released in October 2016 by the Conference Board of Canada. The 65 and above population is expected to increase to 24 percent over the next 20 years.

Ottawa needs to boost yearly Canadian immigration by one-third or 407,000 by 2030 to maintain economic growth. Now is the time to consider immigrating to Canada. Contact BecomeACanadian to receive information on eligibility requirements.

As Canada’s population ages, the impact on economic growth will be significant. Higher immigration has the possibility of increasing growth in Canada’s long-term labor force, which will generate higher economic growth.

About 120,000 people are added to the population yearly due to Canada’s natural rate of increase, but this number will decline sharply in the years to come as births decrease and deaths increase.

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