Royal Bank of Canada Announces 2016 “Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards”

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Canadian Immigrant Magazine announced the 2016 winners of the “Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.” There were several ceremonies held in Vancouver and Toronto in June 2016, to celebrate the winners. Canadians have had the chance to nominate those who immigrate to Canada and made a positive impact on the country.

The past winners of the award have been examples of builders of the country. They have come from all across Canada and ranged from several areas, such as entrepreneurs to artists, community volunteers, philanthropists, sports heroes, academics, inventors, and visionaries. Would you like to live in a country that celebrates immigrants and their impact on society? Become A Canadian has a team of experts dedicated to helping you achieve the dream of living in this country.

What is the trend shown among the winners? It does not matter the individual’s roots. Each winner rose to meet a challenge and in the meantime, made Canada a better place for all Canadians. Margaret Jetelina, Canadian Immigrant editor, says, “At a time when Canada’s position as a global leader in diversity and immigration is more important than ever, these awards are a symbol of what Canada is about.” Become A Canadian and its team of professionals will assist you in the immigration process. Contact them today.