Immigrants Living in Canada to Open Arabic Culture Center

The Arabic immigrants in Fredericton are planning to open a learning center in the near future. A local businessman, Abdel Ghafour Fahim, said the Arab community in the town is missing a school or any kind of school that can preserve their language and real culture for newcomers. The new resource would be available for anyone wanting to learn Arabic, even if it is not currently their first language. The center would offer Qur’an lessons and religious studies, much like Sunday school. If you are interested in immigrating to this diverse country, contact Become A Canadian. Although immigration is not always easy, it is possible, especially when working with experienced immigration experts. 

Community leaders successfully created a non-profit organization and celebrated with a potluck at Greener Village. The Arabic Culture Center is working on planning a venue and beginning fundraising. After teaching Arabic in Syria and Egypt, refugee Reema Aldeeb moved to Fredericton 10 months ago. She was in the country only three months before teaching the fundamentals of Arabic. She said it is her dream to teach others Arabic. “It is very important for me,” she said. Become A Canadian has a team of experts ready to walk you through the phases of immigration. They understand the application process and will make sure you have an application that is error-free.

Every weekend Aldeeb teaches a group of 80 to 100 children, split into groups of 20, who are studying the Qur’an or learning different levels of Arabic. Currently, there are close to 50 families who make up Fredericton’s Arab community. Many children coming from refugee camps have missed years of school. As they work to catch up on subjects in English, their Arabic begins to fade rapidly, according to Aldeeb. “I teach some children who know the alphabets, and that’s it. Some can’t form sentences or even phrases.” Become A Canadian has a team of professionals dedicated to helping people just like you achieve your dream of moving to Canada. They can walk you through the Canadian immigration process and evaluate your best visa option for permanent residency. They will answer any questions you have along the way. Contact them today!