Immigrant from Syria Happy to Vote as New Canadian Citizen

Tareq Hadhad, a Syrian refugee, found success in Nova Scotia by rebuilding his chocolate company in Antifonish a few weeks after relocating to Canada. His factory in Syria was destroyed by bombs, so he and his family moved to Canada in 2016 and opened “Peace by Chocolate.” His company hires newcomers to the country and local residents to make treats that are shipped all around the globe. 

A portion of each item sold goes to fund “peace-building projects” around the world and in his new home country. There are many opportunities available for you and your family in Canada. Contact BecomeACanadian today and begin the immigration application process. They will help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada.

Hadhad said he is not only in Canada to contribute, but to create jobs and be a part of Canada, the amazing country he prides himself with. He became a Canadian citizen in January 2020 and was permitted to vote in the Nova Scotia provincial election in 2021. But this well-known chocolatier is now celebrating after being able to vote for the first time in a federal election. 

He said when he moved to Canada, he was determined to use his freedom to vote, because he understood it was not only a right, but a privilege. Hadhad would not share who he voted for, but did say the party cares about immigration and climate change. If you are considering relocating to Canada, contact BecomeACanadian today and begin the process.