Canadian Immigration Minister Announces Refugee Relocation Plans

Canada has plans to fast-track applications and increase the number of refugees authorized for Canadian immigration. In 2021, the nation will increase the number from 23,500 to 45,000 and will expedite the application processing path for permanent residency, according to Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino. Over 40,000 recent refugees and their families have made Canada their home and are waiting on permanent residency. 

This year, close to 18,000 refugees have become Canadian permanent residents. Mendicino boasted that this is one more reason Canada is such a bright light in the world and stated that refugees contribute to Canada in so many ways. These refugees give back to their communities, even during the pandemic. Immigration to Canada can be challenging. Contact BecomeACanadian and allow their team to walk you through the process. If you want to relocate to Canada, their team is committed to helping you with your optimal Canadian immigration solution!

Two other initiatives are also planned on top of the number of refugees allowed across the border and expediting applications. The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot not only allows the country to welcome more refugees, but flips the stereotype from simply victims. The talents and skills of refugees are recognized by allowing them to relocate to Canada through economic immigration streams. 

The Canadian government has extended the program for two additional years to allow up to 500 applicants. The team at BecomeACanadian is dedicated to helping people achieve their dream of living in Canada. They will answer any questions you have about the process. Contact them today!